I have been carrying the watch daily for well over one year now. And I think it is time to evaluate my thoughts and research prior to buying the watch.

When actually looking at the watch to see the time there is a viewing angle of only around 90 degrees and the surface catches light and reflects it. This does not give any problems when sitting and walking. But when working and exercising e.g. running it is difficult to quickly look at the watch to get the time. It is not a deal breaker but it definitely far from optimal.

Regarding durability the watch can take what ever my daily life throws at it. I wear the watch all the time and there is no scratches or other signs of wear and tear. There has been no problems with dust and water either.

The watch is what CASIO calls “Tough Solar” which means that it harvest energy from light and the power level has been on “High” all the time. And I wear long sleeves about half of the year. I am quite impressed with how well it consistently holds power.

The precision of the actually time is well above good enough for a wrist watch. It gets the corrected time every night from radio signal (CASIO calls this (Wave Ceptor)[https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casio_Wave_Ceptor] which should hold the precision of < 1second when the watch synchronizes every night.

All in all when considering price vs functions I would argue that it is hard to find a watch to compete with this watch.
I have not made up my mind regarding readability of the time.
With the low weight of the watch I do not notice that I am wearing it.