My cloud storage and backup setup is kept simple and is based on rclone, Google Drive and a cronjob.
The reason I choose Google Drive is because I have been using it for a very long time on my own domains. You can’t sign up for what I have any more because it has been discontinued - it is now called G Suite legacy free edition and gives me 15GB of storage per user. It is not enough but additional storage can be bought to suit my needs. When my storage needs expands I can upgrade to G Suite Business and everyone in the family gets unlimited storage.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is for me more of a once in a while solution for storing data securely and remote. I use this for all of my pictures, videos, music and finished projects etc. Depending on the size of the upload I will do it simply by drag and drop in Google Drive or i cases with large data sets user rclone as it is more stable.


Backup is for me a automatic setup which copies data in the background so I can have peace of mind that all data is securely copied to Google Drive.

The setup is quite simple once Rclone is set up - see below.

    rclone copy /home/user/work google_drive:work

This will copy everything from one folder to another. And does not transfer unchanged files and does not delete files from the destination.
You can check for update so it skips files that are newer on the destination by using –update

    rclone copy /home/user/work google_drive:work --update

I have several rclone jobs I have to run so I have put it in a shell file.

    rclone copy /home/user/work google_drive:work --update

Then edit the crontab to run the script every 15 minutes.
This is also how I keep my *.kdbx file in sync across my pc and Google Drive.

    user:computer:~$crontab -e
    *15/ * * * * sh /home/user/