Update - I remade it in FreeCAD

You can download the STL here

Coffee tray

The Tray for coffee grounds got lost in the trash, so I had to make another one.

You can see the OpenSCAD script below.


3D model from OpenSCAD

OpenSCAD script

//                                          //
// Coffee gounds tray for JURA ENA MICRO 9  //
//                                          //
// Variables
radius    =10;  // radius of
width     =79;  // width of tray
length    =105; // lenght of tray
height    =60;  // height of tray
thickness =2;   // thickness of material
cwidth    =29;  // width of cut out of bottom of tray
cheight   =5.2; // height of bottom of tray
ra        =20;  // rotation angle
//$fn     =100;

difference() {
    union() {
        roundedcube (width,length,height*2,radius); // main square with max dimensions
        translate([0, 0, 45])rotate([-ra-5, 0, 0]) roundedcube (width,length,height*2,radius);

    translate([thickness,thickness,thickness+cheight])roundedcube (width-thickness*2,length-thickness*2,height*2,radius); // main square with max dimensions minus the material thickness elevated from the bottom for the cut out
    translate([thickness+cwidth,thickness,thickness])roundedcube (width-(thickness*2+cwidth),length-thickness*2,height*2,radius); // main square with max dimensions minus the material thickness
    translate([-width/2,-length/2,height])cube (width*2,length*2,height,radius); // saquare to cut the correct height
    translate([-width/2,length+20,height-40])rotate([45,0,0])cube (width*2,length*2,height,radius); // rotated square to cut front in a 45 degree angel
    translate([-width+cwidth,-radius/2,-height+cheight]) roundedcube(width,length+radius,height, radius); // cut out
    translate([thickness,4, 47])rotate([-ra-5, 0, 0])roundedcube (width-thickness*2,length-thickness*2,height*2,radius);

// Rounded cube module
module roundedcube (xdim, ydim, zdim, rdim){
    hull() {
        translate([rdim, rdim, rdim])sphere(rdim);
        translate([xdim-rdim, rdim, rdim])sphere(rdim);
        translate([rdim, ydim-rdim, rdim])sphere(rdim);
        translate([xdim-rdim, ydim-rdim, rdim])sphere(rdim);
        translate([rdim, rdim, zdim-rdim])sphere(rdim);
        translate([xdim-rdim, rdim, zdim-rdim])sphere(rdim);
        translate([rdim, ydim-rdim, zdim-rdim])sphere(rdim);
        translate([xdim-rdim, ydim-rdim, zdim-rdim])sphere(rdim);