is hosted on I use Jekyll for my web site for several reasons. Mainly because it is simple - all content is markdown files, which is extreme simple to create and edit. Templates is made with Liquid and styling in one CSS style sheet. I edit and maintain the web site in Atom most of the time.




I have made a few changes to Atom for making things more easy. Snippets are powerfull for working faster and more precise. And of cause packages are amazing.

Meta data snippet

    'meta data':
        'prefix': 'meta'
        'body': """
        Title: $1
        Description: $2
        Author: Martin Jensen
        Date: 2018/$3/$4
        Tags: $5,
        Robots: noindex,nofollow
        Template: index

Insert image snippet

    'insert image':
        'prefix': 'img'
        'body': '![$1]($2)'


Markdown-mindmap is a package which makes a markdown file into a mindmap. Mindmap of this about page